Medtronic договорилась о приобретении Affera

Medtronic договорилась о приобретении Affera

Medtronic намерена расширить портфель решений для абляции сердца и выйти на рынок медицинских технологий картирования и навигации за счет приобретения компании Affera. По мнению аналитиков, сумма сделки может составить 925 млн долл.

Medtronic AF Solutions: Cryoballoon Training and Education

Learn how Medtronic training courses and educational material can help physicians further shorten the Cryoballoon procedure learning curve and deliver consistent patient outcomes.

Access Cryoballoon training and educational material at:


At Medtronic Diabetes, they understand that no two people are the same, and everyone’s experience with diabetes is different. Their goal is to offer the right solution at the right time to empower people living with diabetes to live life on their own terms. This is why they offer various solutions to help meet people wherever they are in their diabetes journey.

Medtronic Cryoballoon PVI for persistent AF treatment

Listen to Drs. Hugh Calkins, Vivek Reddy and Wilber Su providing an overview of clinical evidence supporting PVI for persistent AF, the STOP PERSISTENT AF trial results and the clinical experience of cryoballoon PVI treating persistent AF patients.

Medtronic Arctic Front Advance Cryoballoon and Achieve Advance Procedure Animation

Find out more about the Arctic Front Advance™ Cryoballoon catheter ablation — an established standard treatment for atrial fibrillation.
With more than 13 years of clinical experience, over 400.000 patients were treated in over 60 countries with the Cryoballoon technology.
The Cryoballoon allows physicians to reach and treat pulmonary veins quickly and efficiently because of its anatomically designed shape.
In addition, this balloon design gives physicians an advantage by enabling creation of circumferential and continuous scar tissue line around the pulmonary veins in a single shot.

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